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Chicago Golf Lessons with Lou Solarte

Posted by Lou On May - 5 - 2009
"The Youtube of Golf"

I am excited to tell you about a new partnership I’ve entered into with   My is a social networking site for golfers and PGA teaching professionals.  The Company’s mission is to provide golfers and teaching pros with technology and services that facilitate an effective, efficient, and collaborative learning environment.  My experiences with this Chicago based company have been excellent.  The website is designed to help golfers better understand swing tendencies and to improve their game, through a fun, interactive social environment.  This website will offer great benefits to all golfers.

It is no secret that studying swing video helps golfers better understand their swing and improve their game.  Video is an effective tool used by many teaching pros.  By taking advantage of golfers can upload a video of their swing.  This video can be taken from the golf course, driving range, home or even the office. There is no cost for uploading the video.  The free option would be that you could share the raw video footage with the public for unlimited playback.  All visitors to the site have the ability to comment and rate the swings.   Encourage your friends and family to give you feedback.

Another option would be to share your swing video with a credentialed PGA teaching pro. The pro would give you feedback in an affordable and convenient format.   There is a definite cost benefit in this program for the golfer.   As a golfer, you are only paying for the time of a professional to review your swing, at a nominal rate.  Your swing can remain private between you and your pro or you can choose to share it with friends, family, and other golf professionals.  On line Chicago golf lessons are also available.

During a lesson, a teaching pro can upload the video of your swing.  You will be able to review it and then it will become part of your mediabook.   The website can also import video into swing analysis software that provides enhanced video functionality including key position analysis.   At a later time, you can access your page and review your swing through the video.  This is a great way to track your swing progress, since you will be able to view your swings over a period of time. was created by avid golfer and CDGA member, Charlie McKenna.  As President and CEO he hopes to raise excitement levels around the game of golf.  It is important to understand that is not affiliated with any golf facility.  Any teaching pro can take advantage of the site     and its service offerings. 

As Director of Instruction, I will be contacting credentialed PGA teaching professionals to work with the website.  As a convenience, I will be setting up a video station at Links and Tees.  However, the video may be done anywhere, as long as it can be transferred to the Internet.

Visit and begin to explore the many possibilities of this website.  The technology components allow for great flexibility.   Our service offerings are available to help you become a more consistent golfer.  Take you game to a new level with! 

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