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Chicago Golf Lessons with Lou Solarte

Rope Snap1Improve The Golf Drill To Hit It Better
Rope Snap Drill Progression

When I prescribe a drill to a client, it’s to target a deficiency in the movement pattern of the swing. I believe that when the drill is done properly without thought then the ball striking should improve. This client had excessive use of the arms and was casting the club at the change of direction (backswing/forward swing)I prescribed the Rope Snap Drill, this drill is virtually impossible for a golfer with his type of swing deficiencies to properly execute. He is slowly getting better at the drill and his ball striking is much improved.

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Improve The Golf Drill To Hit It Better – by Chicago Golf Instructor Lou Solarte

Club Fitting Evaluation of 25 HDCP Golfer

Club Fitting Evaluation of 25 HDCP Golfer

Long Shots by Austin – Before/After Swing Demo

See a before and after swing demo with one of my clients. Austin has been playing golf for the last 20 years with not much success, he is a student of the game but was attempting to change his swing with ill fitted golf clubs. I fitted Austin with our Henry-Griffitts Fitting system, the changes are quite dramatic. He picked up 30 yards on his irons and over 80 yards on his tee ball, he is now swinging with less effort and in balance.

Club fitting is an art, many players need current fitted clubs. Henry/Griffitts is the best club fitting sytem on the planet, H/G’s philosophy is coach based, “fitters teach and teachers fit”
Long Shots by Austin – Before/After swing demo by Lou Solarte

Chicago Golf Video Instruction

Chicago Golf Video Instruction

Improve Your Golf By Chicago PGA Pro Lou Solarte

Left leg mechanics in the backswing
Dynamic stretch in the backswing
Develop feel for lower body mechanics

Great video to reach your golf goals. by Chicago PGA Pro Lou Solarte